happy nowruz
شادند جهانیان به نوروز 
نوروز و نو بهار و محل می‌ زند صلا
مستی‌ و عاشقی‌ و جوانی‌ و يار ما                    
My work focuses on the human figure, its relation to others and its surroundings. My work if put in a category, would be modern, avant-garde, and abstract. I use my art to inform and communicate in a mystical, serene, and fluid manner.  With use of repetitive lines, the drawing becomes complete, as a result it tantalizes the viewer. I have used "mystical images" (figures)to influence the perceptions and experiences of my audience with regard to our past experiences… contact me @
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hello درود
intro 2
So this is Christmas… put away your iPhone...
Write a few greeting cards… be kind to young & old...